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Hyalogy Platinum Eye Cream

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Hyalogy Platinum series is developed to control the mechanisms of physical and photo-aging processes by regulating the main biochemical reactions that are involved in the pathogenesis of skin aging.

Platinum Eye Cream rejuvenates the skin around the eyes, most vulnerable and most exposed to age-related changes, by leveling pigmentation, preventing swelling, adding hydration and tone to the skin. Organic ultra low-molecular ionized platinum resists the action of all known forms of active oxygen. A unique combination of ingredients with a patented low molecular hyaluronic acid provides hydration for the deep layers of the skin. The cream protects the skin from destructive physiological and photo-aging processes, breaking oxidation chains and glycation of important biological molecules.

With regular use, improves the quality and appearance of the skin. Especially recommended for skin with signs of photo-aging, pigmentation, for dry skin losing tone and elasticity, as well as for the skin prone to stress (including emotional), unfavorable environment impact of big cities, excessive exposure to UV-rays, suffering from the effects of smoking and unhealthy diet.

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