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Specialized Skin Treatments

Skin Science's Signature Forlled Acne Treatment

"A new, cutting-edge technique of treating acne problems by using high-end Japanese skin products with nano technology that enable products to penetrate even the deepest layers of skin without injection.

We focus on treating root cause, NOT symptom. Reducing redness or dry up acne is not enough. Very often it still leave with post acne blemishes. As you may see, client regain healthy clear skin with no post acne marks. Our treatment are 100% Safe and Non Invasive, with no side effect as you may see from the results."

Key Benefits : Strong anti-inflammatory effect, Normalization of skin oil production intensity, Regulation of sebum composition (quality), Control of native skin microflora, Anti-bacterial protection, Mild keratolytic (peeling) effect, Stimulation of skin regeneration, Reduction of post-acne scars, Filling up and retention of skin moisture level, Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist tested.

If you're seeking effective acne scar treatment in Singapore, our approach addresses not only active acne issues but also the aftermath, ensuring a comprehensive solution for clear and healthy skin.

Before and after acne scar treatment

Skin Science’s Signature Forlled Sensiskin Unique Treatment

"The formula of SensiSkin line is based on IzumoYumurahot spring water.This “magic” water has being successfully used in Japan for more than a thousand years for the treatment of dermatological diseases."

This treatment for sensitive skin of any ages soothes, eliminates reactivity and dryness, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and normalizes microcirculation and metabolism. It makes up for deficiencies in the intercellular cement and cell membranes. As a result, the skin becomes soothed and healthier, and irritation is eliminated. The intensive hydration ofthe skin provided also helps control hypersensitivity. The skin acquires a beautiful even complexion and becomes soft and soothed.

Ideal after mechanical cleansing of problem skin, after chemical peels and as recovery from rejuvenation

Key Benefits : Moisturising all skin layers, reducing erythem, discomfort. It’s anti-inflammatory effects, but do not dry the skin.

Different angles of the skin treatment on the face
Before and after skin whitening treatment

Skin Science's Signature Forlled Luminious Youth Defence Treatment


"Forlle'd scientific team developed low molecules Hyaluronic acid with an unique size of 5 nm, enabling them to cross the skin barrier and reach deep skin layers. Such deep non invasive penetration of Hyaluronic acid into skin rehydrates and regenerates it from within, providing immediate intensive and long lasting moisturizing and boosting cell interaction and synthesis.

This bio stimulating treatment is rich in low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid and Japanese plant extracts. Particularly designed to protect the skin from oxidative stress and boost cellular respiration. It prevents dark spots and promotes skin whitening, improves micro circulation, increase deep hydration, reduce inflammation, form face contour."

Skin Science's Signature Forlled Eye Treatment

This treatment offers intensive lift and total rejuvenation of the periorbital area skin, which is most ageing prone. A complete course powerfully smoothes out mimic wrinkles, ensures reliable antioxidant protection and deeply hydrates. It prolongs the effect of injection therapy. This high-performance treatment for the delicate skin of the periorbital area reduces dark circles and hyperpigmentation,eliminates puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, improves microcirculation and restores skin tissue.Low molecular ingredients restore the skin’s structure and improve microcirculation in the skin on the eyelids.

Before and after eye treatment