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the anatomy behind aging skin


Basically there are two groups of age correction methods:

1. Aging-correction methods aimed at Correcting the effects of Aging;

2. Aging-correction methods aimed at Blocking the causes of Aging.

The first group includes mainly lifting and modeling lost or altered tissue volumes. These procedures are very popular among cosmetologists and their patients. They may be either invasive or non-invasive. What unites them is that they do not affect the structure of the tissue. As a result the effect from such procedures does not last long.

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clinical test by
independent dermatological
research lab
in germany, april 2012

SKIN HYDRATION increased throughout the study up to 96% in comparison to control group and reached its maximum on day 57.

WRINKLES were significantly reduced on day 15 after product application and remained on comparable level throughout the study. After 57 days of daily application the depth of wrinkles reduced up to 40% in comparison to day 1.

SKIN FIRMNESS or ELASTICITY were measured with Cutometer and showed an improvement of the skin after product application up to 55% on day 57.

REDNESS of the SKIN ERYTHEMA was reduced up to 35% after product application in comparison to untreated area.

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